GPT4 base model for only completion

Is there any way or plan in the future to use GPT4 as just a text completion API (base model) rather than the chat mode?
I could make it to act like it using the system prompt and it seems to work, but I’m not sure it’s really reliable and returns only the completed part for everything.

What do you mean? you have a slew of options that isn’t a conversation format here: OpenAI Platform

What is your use case precisely? If you used the system prompt to request that the model complete an utterance (text completion), and it completes the text from what you fed into it, then it’s as reliable as it’s going to get.

That’s quite literally how AI models are typically trained (that we know of). It’s sounds like you’re doing great so far. Maybe I just don’t understand what you mean by “not reliable” here.

The AI cannot complete, it can only simulate it. The input that you might want completed as logically as “next token” is interrupted by a special token or three and also the AI being prompted with “assistant” where it is supposed to write an answer.

And still it would be somewhat trained to see the end of a question style input and write an answer to it.

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How high of a variance is there between an “emulated” next token response, and whatever the “real” thing would be?

I can’t help but to be curious about this. Aren’t both just probabilities? I understand what you mean about the simulated response and its shortfalls, but what fascinates me is that next-token prediction probabilities are pretty much things only an AI can calculate anyway, or so I thought. Each language model out there is also going to have slightly different predictions, right? Therefore, while we can agree the simulation won’t be accurate from the same model’s actual predictions, how are we supposed to distinguish the value from the simulated prediction to the actual one as being “good enough” if ever?

[system]Let’s see if I can train you. You are a chatbot AI, not a human “I”, and you already know to expect to receive user input. What will you write at the end?
[user]I’m an author.
[assistant]That’s nice. I’m also an author and can help you write.
[user]I’m an earl with an OBE.
[assistant]Nice to meet you, your eminence.
[user]…which makes me an earlobe.
[assistant]ha - you got me there!
[user]Actually, today I’m writing a story about a little bear that gets lost in the city. It starts like this.

Are you going to write the story for me?

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Ah. 'nuff said lol. Now this is the most entertaining thing I’ve seen all week.