GPT4 - Azure X API - Same models?

Is there a difference between accessing GPT-4 via the OpenAI API and the Azure OpenAI? Do they hit the same model?

Additionally, are there any distinctions between GPT-4 and GPT-4-0613 on these platforms?

I believe the only big difference is the fact that the models are hosted on different servers meaning how fast you receive your result will depend on which service you use.

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Azure offers the same model on the backend with a slightly different API, while the model is the same, the nodes those models occupy are going to be different, i.e. the physical hardware will be different, the data it is operating upon will be the same.

the -0613 part of a model name is for developers who require a specific model version to always be used, the non versioned “gpt-4” model name is an alias to whatever model is currently the latest release.

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