GPT ignoring simple instruction


I’m having an issue with prompting GPT, it ignores the simple instruction, at least to me, it seems like an easy instruction.

As you can see from the screenshot, it keeps wrapping the sentence with double quotes against my instruction.

Model: gpt-4-0613
Temperature: 1
Max tokens: 4096
Top P: 1
Frequency penalty: 0
Presence penalty: 0

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

I’d drop a quick example in the system message…and remove “Sentence should not be wrapped with double quotes…”

Add this to your system prompt…


USER: Some sentence
ASSISTANT: Headline without quotes…

Thanks for the reply, but this did not help.

What’s your system prompt that you are using currently?

Hi @PaulBellow ,

I followed your instruction by giving it an example first and then asking to rewrite the next input:

$prompt = [
		'role' => 'system',
		'content' => 'You are a content writer for my blog. Write the post title based on the input.',
		'role' => 'user',
		'content' => 'Linux Kernel 6.6 Officially Confirmed as an LTS',
		'role' => 'assistant',
		'content' => 'Confirmation of Linux Kernel 6.6 as an Official LTS Version',
		'role' => 'user',
		'content' => $newTitleToRewrite,

Most of the time the new title is good, but there are still cases where whole sentence is wrapped in double quotes "

An alternative solution would be to just trim the quotes programmatically once I get the response from API.