GPT-4o - Vector store documents ignored on subsequent asynchronous calls

I have partially cloned the behavior of ChatGPT such that I am able to edit the prompt and submit a new prompt. I have cloned this behavior using the assistant api to get responses. Additionally, I have include a file in the document store that instructs the assistant on how to deal with step by step instructions.

When I give it the prompt, “Provide instructions on how to build a React App”, the expected behavior is that it should return only one step at a time and prompt the user for the next step.

If there are no messages in the thread, the first call is successful 100% of the time. However, if I edit the message, and then send the same prompt, it lists all of the steps, essentially disregarding the instructions in the vector store. If I then go back and manually delete the messages in the thread, it gives only 1 step at a time, again at a 100% success rate.

Inside the app, the code first makes an asynchronous call to delete the messages from the thread, the one that is being edited and the messages that come after (this is the current behavior of ChatGPT). The app then makes an asynchronous call to create a message. It is this step that it seems be disregarding the documents in the vector store.