GPT-4 vs Codex for Coding...general discussion

What I’ve found using GPT-4 for help coding is that you really need to know a little bit about programming to know what to ask and how to ask. I haven’t played much with the most recent Codex, but I need to investigate again.

GPT-4, though, is almost like a “Coder Buddy” that can help you get where you want to go if you know where you want to go… and can ask the right, specific questions. Anyone else using GPT-4 for coding help? Do you like it better than Codex?

(Trying to get an interesting thread going, so help me out! Small smile…)


Got the type effects better since posting… man, GPT-4 is helpful…

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GPT has been immensely helpful for programming. I’m not doing any high-level programming but boy can GPT whip together some impressive scripts for spreadsheets and other scripting softwares such as AHK.

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Another trick I’ve noticed is that if it gives you something you don’t want (bad solution), you can copy and paste that and put it in the USER prompt as “I tried X Y Z” and it wasn’t what I really wanted. Can we consider A B C instead?

Helps it stop offering the same answer every time…

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