GPT-4 Vision Keeps adding JSON code block syntax

I have a GPT-4 Vision system message that includes:

  1. General instructions
  2. Specific instruction for the response: Always respond in valid JSON format and NEVER add a JSON code block syntax to your response
  3. A response example (JSON format)

However, for every ~10 runs 2-3 responses include a JSON syntax block like so:

json [some JSON]

Anyone experience this too and/or have suggestions on how to refine the prompt?

One way to make it more robust is to end your instruction with something like something like

Begin your response with {

and remove this:

NEVER add a JSON code block syntax to your response

it’s probably just confusing the model if it does anything.

You can also fortify the message like this:

You are part of a bigger system, and you must always respond with a pure JSON response. The system will break if you don’t.

I can’t test this right now, but there have been issues with logit_bias with vision in the past. You can try to add a -100 bias for the triple tick, (74694), you might get an error.

Finally, with the same caveat, you could try json mode.

all that said and done, sometimes the model just screws up. if you have a 20% error rate that manifests like this, and you mitigate it, you might have a 2% error that somehow manifests as something else. mitigate that, and you might get a 0.2% error. Sometimes you just need to catch and retry. Even json modes isn’t immune to screwups.

Thanks for that @Diet. I don’t think GPT-4 Vision supports JSON mode. I’ll test your suggestions.

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I think you’re right, and I suspect the same thing with the logit bias, but I can’t find it in the docs anywhere at the moment. :confused: