GPT 4 plus beeing secretely downgraded behind same fixed price?

I am exeriencing more and more degradation of performances of Chat GPT plus. I am an user of this version and I am annoyed that first it started with downgrading performances with continuous mistakes and errors, then with passing the time to wait before using again from 1 to even 2 hours, then now I am getting this message:

Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at

What is happening ? Its a way to push people to pay for more upgraded plans?
I asked even about that but I was answered that I can only upgrade if I pay double for two people users as so 50 usd per month rather than having a better plan with more time and more features for single users, it seems that this downgrade of performances is very strange and suspicious to me.

Wasn’t Open ai supposed to be no profit and Open?
Ok for 3.5 , but I am paying for 4 plus and I am getting less and less , have to wait and forced to witness continuous mistakes and errors that is not acceptable for a paid plan especially when those features are scaled down , and reduced secretly without any mention keeping the pricing the same.