GPT-4: it does everything wrong, and won't let me to add message because of that Regenerate

as you can see in printscreen, GPT-4 it does everything wrong. He try many combination, seems that all failed. And won’t let me add new information because of that Regenerate button.

Even if GPT-4 can’t solve the problem, that big Regenerate button has nothing to do there. GPT-4 must allow the user to send messages. Because I can help the old code with ideas, give suggestions that I discovered myself, but if that button appears, then I no longer have any possibility to send helpful messages.

On the other hand, the worst thing about the GPT-4 version is that the connection is always interrupted. Suddenly, in the middle of the code, the REGENERATE or “Error analyzing” button appears. Because of many users? GPT-4 should allocate a larger internet bandwidth to each user, otherwise it will always interrupt.