GPT-4 is getting worse and worse every single update

I wanted to share my recent experience with ChatGPT-4. Unfortunately, I’ve been quite frustrated with its performance this December. It feels like ChatGPT-4 has taken a step backward in terms of quality and usability compared to previous versions.

  1. Repetitive Mistakes: I’ve noticed that ChatGPT-4 frequently makes the same mistakes repeatedly. I expected the latest version to be more refined and less prone to repeating errors, but that hasn’t been the case.
  2. Capacity Issues: The model often runs out of capacity during conversations, causing disruptions and making it difficult to have meaningful interactions. This can be frustrating and hampers the overall user experience.
  3. Ignoring Instructions: ChatGPT-4 seems to have trouble following instructions and prompts consistently. It often goes off-topic or fails to understand the context of the conversation, making it challenging to get the desired responses.

I believe in the potential of AI to enhance our lives, and I have been a long-time user of OpenAI’s products. However, the current state of ChatGPT-4 has left me feeling disappointed.

I hope that OpenAI can address these issues and work on improving ChatGPT-4’s performance and reliability in future updates. I look forward to seeing positive changes that will make ChatGPT-4 a more valuable tool for users.