Gpt 4 garbage that is wasting time

I have paid account for last few months, gpt is getting dumber and dumber, if I pay money why I got service that is worse each time I use it. Tool that earlier was good for speeding up tasks now actually is slowing me down to the point that I think to close my subscription.
gpt 4 i constantly forgetting after few messages about what was talking about with me, many times move aruond in circles, thsi is very frustrating, I am wasting a lot of time using this garbage.
This is garbage, it realy is. I understand that it can be garbage for free users to test it but why paid users dont have more resources to even make conversation last longer than few messages.

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Yes that’s the annoying part. API users are paying the same for token outputs that have been sped up and degraded by what could be a tenth of the inference computation as at release, but we still pay the same.

The only acceptable fine-tune gpt4 (for when they finally release fine-tuning) is the one released in March, not the one carrying the March date that got continued hits to its operation and tuning.

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This is the point where paid users ar elosing most valuable resource that this technology promissed to increase, time…
Yes at this point many times I loose my time to fix garbage output or repeating again same thing because gpt lost traction. It is extracting precious time from me, actually we should be paid for “testing” this service. I am not joking, why I am paying to be a test subject for degrading value