Gpt-4 createChatCompletion stream response format and model switch

I’m using the Node SDK version 3.2.1 running createChatCompletion with gpt-4

Here my settings:

          temperature: 0.5,
          max_tokens: 200,
          top_p: 1,
          frequency_penalty: 0,
          presence_penalty: 0,
          user: uid,
          model: "gpt-4",
          stream: true,
          messages: [
              role: "system",
              content: systemMessage,
            { role: "user", content: userMessage},

The API responds but:

  1. Replaces gpt-4 with gpt-4-0314
  2. Delivers a different response format than is documented. Specifically instead of choices[0]message.content it responds with choices[0].delta.content.

Response of one stream/message:

          id: "chatcmpl-6wjCfqoSnIjjqUjmdvwKB7VH6Rmp5",
          object: "chat.completion.chunk",
          created: 1679454805,
          model: "gpt-4-0314",
          choices: [{ delta: { content: " for" }, index: 0, finish_reason: null }],

I’m unclear if this is a bug or the standard response format to a when stream: true. As per docu, when stream is set to true it responds with server-sent events, but I’m unclear about the differences in the choices array.

Appreciate any pointers or guidance on this.Thanks!

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FWIW, I have been bashing my head against the wall for days now. If I find an answer I will be Sur to let you know.

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Hey, any update for this? I’ve tried to implement streaming and have not had any success. Either I’m getting JSONDecode errors or the response content value comes through as empty. 2 straight days of trying to debug this and I’m about to say screw it and just go back to no streaming.

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  1. Replacing the model is normal, gpt-4 is alias for latest model, which is gpt-4-0314
  2. That is the normal response for streaming. See this issue with example code on parsing it
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Does anyone have an exaple for lua im implementing gpt-4 to roblox i need the streaming feature

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Check out the leafo/lua-openai GitHub repo (sorry, openai wont let me paste a link). OpenAI does not (to my knowledge) have native LUA bindings, but this might work for you, as it looks like it has support for the full API.