GPT 4 - Conversational Memory Loss & Context Breakdown Issues

The memory is incapable of differentiating its track of conversational tasks. This is regardless of input type.
I even thought it might be due to the ‘personal information’ walls to ensure DPA breaches, and even when prompted with fictional or book writing initiation starts, the error still occurs.

I have this estimated at two inputs minimum before the memory fails. Suppose the input is to create a suggested best output before the final request. In that case, the context of the input information becomes entirely out of context with no connection to its earlier conversational context.


Input: You are a detective. What type of questions are best to ask for x outcome?
Output: Good output regarding x objective.

Input: Here is the subject matter ‘theft in the courtroom’ for you to use, Don’t generate a response. Just let me know if you read and understand.
Output: Good output, yes and understand.

Input: Create questions using the information provided while ensuring your suggestions are implemented.
Output: Did you see an elephant cross the road at 9 am?