GPT 4 are rendering HTML character entities when using them in a response

Due to the way GPT 4 responses are rendered, the HTML character entities are being converted into their corresponding characters.

Here’s an example:
Can you explain to me which error can make Norwegian letters on a website look like “æ”, “ø” and “å” just to give some examples. Explain it with especial focus on programming languages like HTML, Javascript…
The issue you’re describing, where Norwegian letters appear as HTML entities like “æ”, “ø”, and “å”, is likely due to…

I tried without luck to use “” around the HTML character entities in order to make GPT4 understand that it was not to render them if it was to use them in the answer.
I wonder if this is something someone have thought of and may have a fix to?

Hi @kreativguru, did you try to include a smiley in your prompt? In some cases this changes how text is handled. I’m not sure if that helps with this issue but might be worth to try :slight_smile: