GPT-4 API only supports 4096 context length?

I see numerous questions, but none seem to address this issue:

On the pricing page, it says GPT-4 API (or playground) has 8k Context.
However when using the API I frequently get an error saying I exceeded the 4096 context length limit.

Am I missing something obvious?


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same issue. definitely a frustrating situation, especially when the ratio of monthly cost to GPT4 interactions per hour is so high…

I’m not sure whether it’s actually available yet, but have you tried the gpt-4-32k model?

Hi @DarthFader

Please share the code that is leading to the error and the actual raw error received.

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nothing special to share really. I am using a standard GPT-4 ChatCompletion API call, with max_tokens = 1024, and I get an error saying my messages plus completion size exceeds the max context length 4096 of the model.