Google Docs-Like Editor for PDF/DOCX with LLM Integration for Recommendations

I am in the process of developing a web application akin to Google Docs with some a specific use case. The main feature I’m aiming to implement is the ability for users to make edits and annotations similar to what Google Docs offers. However, there’s a specific functionality I need to integrate: the ability to ingest text data into a local large language model (LLM) to generate and suggest edits (similar to the commenting feature in Google Docs).

So basically looking for:

  • Editing Capability: Robust text editing features for PDF and DOCX files, including annotations and layout adjustments.
  • Integration with LLM: Seamless integration to send text to and from a local LLM for real-time editing suggestions.
  • Backend Compatibility: Effective backend integration for document management and processing to handle interactions between the document editor and the LLM.

Are there any known open source/free libraries or tools that support both document editing and that may be easy to integrate with backend services?

So far I have only found tools doing one or the other, primarily for viewing/editing in the application/browser (ONLYOFFICE, WebODF) or just the editing programmatically but nothing to view in (MuPDF)


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If I understand your question correctly then while this is not an answer because it is not free it might meet the other requirements

As for something that does this I think that most programmers that have the knowledge of how to do this would just do it using two different APIs and do the connection work possibly with a UI hook in the edit application. That is where I would start looking.


Sigh, I had a feeling that was the case, Appreciate you