Giving up on Chat GPT, here is why

Hi @cino.nicholas,
Are you only using this through the standard ChatGPT interface? If so, then yes you will get varying responses.
Best to use this via API and modify your temperature or top_p settings.

If APIs are too technical, then I’d suggest using the playground instead (

If you set temperature to 0 then you’ll be very close to deterministic.

Downside of temperature to 0 is that you lose creativity in order to gain more consistent results. I use it for my use cases, but they do not involve creative writing as I’m aiming towards 100% consistency - you might find 0.1-0.6 to suit your needs.

Instruction following:
I have also found that switching from GPT 3.5 to GPT 4 gives far better results in regards to following instructions (albeit at a much higher cost).
I have found the new preview for GPT 4 Turbo is excellent though and is much cheaper than vanilla GPT4.

More information:
Here’s some related discussions (note I haven’t read it thoroughly, but hopefully it’ll help):

Hope this helps!! good luck!!