Getting Error While using Image API for image generation

OpenAI API for Image Generation is returning error “Returning Error : Request failed with status code 400”
Below is my code :
const { Configuration, OpenAIApi } = require(“openai”);

const configuration = new Configuration({
apiKey: process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY,

const openai = new OpenAIApi(configuration);

const generateImage = async (req, res) => {
try {
console.log("OPENAI API KEY : ", process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY);

    const response = await openai.createImage({
        model: "image-alpha-001",
        data: {
            prompt: "Polar Bear on Ice Skates",
            n: 1,
            size: "512x512",

    const imageURL =[0].url;

        status: "success",
        imageURL: imageURL,
} catch (error) {
    console.log("Returning Error : ", error.message);
        status: "error",
        message: error.message,


module.exports = { generateImage };

can’t found proper solution, Please Help me.

Welcome to the community @mrvasoya2001

The following part of your code is wrong, which is creating an incorrect request to the API.

Please refer to the boilerplate JS code in the API ref for image generation.