Getting 404 for /v1/datasets

I don’t what is going wrong.

ChatGPT gave me code for following question.

Can you give me sample code in C# which achieves following

  1. Creates sample data in json format with name, cost, numberOfResources as parameters
  2. Calls chatgpt with this data
  3. Trains it for this data
  4. Asks chatgpt to find out total cost and shows it on the console

But getting following error for datasests
“”“error”“: {
““message””: ““Invalid URL (POST /v1/datasets)””,
““type””: ““invalid_request_error””,
““param””: null,
““code””: null

Can somebody help me understand what am I missing?

The feature to provide ready-made code is not a all-in-one solution. ChatGPT can give you a starting point, but for complex tasks it sometimes mixes other programming languages into the mix. You’ll get better results if you don’t specify general terms like “train for the data” but specify concretely and line by line.

You’ve answered your own question!

Have you checked out the Docs? Very helpful…

There’s also about a dozen or more threads about fine-tuning here on the forum.