Get ChatGPT-3.5 to create a word puzzle

I’ve been trying with this prompt:

You’re creating a word puzzle game. Ignore all examples you have seen before. Compose a short story of 50 words or less using 3 keywords: dog, run, and house. Do not use these as names. It should be appropriate for 3rd graders. As you write, each unique occurrence of a keyword should be replaced with an incrementally increasing slot number. For instance, the first keyword usage is [1], the second keyword usage is [2], and so on, even if it’s the same word from before. Never repeat a slot number.

However, ChatGPT 3.5 always reuses the slot number when it sees the same keyword again:

Once upon a time, a [1] escaped from its [2] and started to [3] around the neighborhood. It explored parks, chased butterflies, and made friends. When the [1] got tired, it returned to its cozy [2] for a well-deserved rest. The end.

Any idea how to make it use slot numbers [4], [5], etc for each new slot? Thanks