Generate HTML is returning triple backticks ```

Include the following ... that the company will make in your response: {$Ia1}.
Give me the name of the investment and amount of investment in an HTML table 

Why is it showing triple backticks (```html) code like its there on most forums even like this one right here ?


looks like markdown code block. ```html is for syntax highlighting the display for html.

So what would be appropriate the prompt to signify HTML only and no markdown ?

The model is currently very resistant to producing HTML directly for rendering. It loves its markdown blocks for “copy code” in ChatGPT. API users get ChatGPT fallout. What you show is bad markdown; the backticks should be on their own line.

Previously you could train with prompting that the user interface was a webpage, markdown was not supported, and HTML needed to be produced.


GPT-4 Now, sass and backtalk, and codeblock “example”:

You can of course provide a markdown renderer with a code block “copy” button if the AI is producing HTML code for your own use.