Function calls and streaming


Is function call incompatible with streaming?
I tried the example from the doc but as soon as I set stream=True, the chat completion does not provide any arguments to a function call.

{'role': 'assistant', 'content': None, 'function_call': <OpenAIObject at 0x117515770> JSON: {
  "name": "test_function",
  "arguments": ""

Am I doing something wrong?



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join @reginald.l here.
I would also like to have function call with streaming.

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So it turns out that arguments are streamed. In a response there will be multiple function_call objects. I ended up doing something like this:

    func_call = {
        "name": None,
        "arguments": "",
    for res in response:
        delta = res.choices[0].delta
        if "function_call" in delta:
            if "name" in delta.function_call:
                func_call["name"] = delta.function_call["name"]
            if "arguments" in delta.function_call:
                func_call["arguments"] += delta.function_call["arguments"]
        if res.choices[0].finish_reason == "function_call":
            # function call here using func_call
        if not delta.get("content", None):

Thanks for sharing this. Could we assume the API would never return both non-empty content as well as non-empty function_call ?

I guess it’s best not to assume this…

ALso in your code I assume you would do json.loads() to parse your arguments

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I’m not sure if we can assume that, this is all implicit behavior as far as I can tell.

I had another post about json.loads, the API doesn’t seem to always return a valid json object but rather a python object (with triple quotes for instance).
In their examples they use eval to parse arguments which, to me, seems incredibly dangerous.
I would suggest to use ast.literal_eval for now, as it is much safer.

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Agree, in fact when I coded this I assumed we could get both and also assumed that future iterations may return multiple functions (which I have not seen yet)

One observation that I’ve had is, when streaming function call results the generation is quite slower than normal i.e. without function call. Did anyone observe/face the same or is it just me?

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