Fun art prompts with prompt design learnings

Hey y’all,
Just some fun ideas for prompt designs that have worked for me:

Giving 3-4 examples of existing enneagram types and having it generate new ones.

Givings it 3-4 examples of Pablo Neruda poems and having it generate new ones.

Some things I’ve found that work for this kind of thing:

  1. Clearly indicate what is the Title and what is the content, through capitalization, line breaks and things like : or -. This allows you to then create a new one based on a new title, for instance, a Pablo Neruda Ode about computers.

  2. For generating new creative content, there are basically three useful parameter settings.
    a) For more “creativity”, bump the temperature as high as .85, but when you do this, you will need to also bump the frequency penalties really high, like over .3 or even .4 to keep it from looping, but keep the presence penalty pretty low since its going to often deviate widely with the high temp. Also, obviously at that temp the ratio of usable outputs will be much lower.
    b) For more “straightforward” responses that deviate less from the prompt text, lower the temp to around .5-.65. When you do this, you’ll need to keep the frequency penalty high, but not as high as in a), closer to ~.2, but you’ll need to bump the presence penalty up to something in the .15-.4 range to get anything but a rephrasing of the prompt text.

Obviously these are just some qualitative heuristics, and it depends on what you’re trying to do! Would love to hear what other’s are piecing together as well.