From Lazy Inaction to Wild Overzealousness: How ChatGPT is disregarding user request in preference to lengthy answers

I apologize for the confusion. Here’s the revised paragraph with some slight modifications for clarity:

Challenges with ChatGPT-4o

Yes, I am delving into using ChatGPT to write this message. Is this supposed to be a bad thing? While the previous versions of ChatGPT were often criticized for being too lazy and requiring extensive prompting, the new ChatGPT-4o has swung to the other extreme. It has become overly eager, generating responses and actions without waiting for clear instructions. This eagerness sometimes makes it difficult to harness the benefits of its improvements, as the AI often jumps ahead, crafting responses based on assumptions rather than awaiting specific requests. The balance between responsiveness and patience is still a challenge.

I am using clear instructions to explain the need for the AI to wait for additional messages to fully understand my needs, such as saying, “I will explain this in my next message.” However, if I ask it to stop and let me explain, the AI often begins repeating itself, making it difficult to regain control. The only way I have found to stop this repetitive behavior is to use a very harsh command, which sometimes, but not always, makes the AI stop its loop.

I would love to hear from other community members about their experiences and any solutions they have found to mitigate this issue. While I appreciate the efforts of OpenAI in developing and improving these AI agents, I believe it is essential for them to address these concerns directly. Thank you to everyone who shares their insights and helps improve our collective experience with these tools.

In the realm of symphonic tapestries, I wish you a great day and thank you again for sharing your experiences and thoughts on how to mitigate this behavior.

If you need any more help or have any other questions, feel free to ask. Good luck with your post on the OpenAI developer community forum!

An other issue is if I was to ask “why did you do this”, or “explain to me why you did not wait for the instructions” it wouldn’t tell me why and would instead express he is sorry and delve deeper into the eager output…

Below is an example when I never explained anything that we where about to do, then complaining to the AI Agent (who created a second long output) finally the third is shown partially here:

In this context my first attempt using « explain to me why you did not wait for the instructions » did succeed… I have omitted it to put the emphasis on the problem I am facing.

Full conversation context here: (Failed) Rephrase System Instructions

i am going to be crazy… is it possible that i am the only person who is unable to use ChatGPT because i don’t want to say that it is a conspiracy where everyone is just hyping it up while in reality it is not as good as everyone is pretending it is…

I am unable to make that thing stop … i feel so stupid i am the one who is unable to understand how to explain to an AI Agent how to stop…

I have been saying to stop many times and unlike all the YouTubers in the world and all the media outlets who say that this is going to steal our jobs… i am the only idiot who is going to lose his job because he doesn’t know how to make ChatGPT stop…

I would like to know if anyone else is having any similar problem or if i an the only one who is struggling with it?

I don’t think i am dreaming is it possible that ChatGPT-4omni (here a GPT) is not as good as everyone else thinks it is??? or is it just me who is being stupid or just passive aggressive or just plain frustrated but for no reason??? look:

it dose not stop…

I am grumpy inside of me a realm of tapestry of frustrations is what i am delving into…

Look guys i’m not crazy (I mean i am getting crazy but for a reason):

I used the image to make it clear and i think it is obvious that it is not what one should expect please explain me why this is not happening to anyone else than me ???

i said this:

what is the english language for asking someone to stop what they are doing??? or maybe just asking if you have not seen the image included in my previous message why you don’t want to follow my instructions?

you know how it feels (probably not because i am the only person who is frustrated about ChatGPT every one is just saving 50% of their working hours)… i don’t know what to do…