Form filling chatBOT ideas

I have an existing Form entry API that adds data to a database. I can program up a ChatGPT powered chatbot that asks questions.

The idea is that instead of the user filling a form in, the information is extracted from the chat.

Basically I want ideas for a secondary prompt that would format data from the chat that can be ingested by my API. For example I could borrow the ideas of plug-ins and put a openAPI spec as context in a prompt and as the users chats with the chatbot, the chatlogs are processed by another GPT3 call that generates a JSON formatted string that is used as an input to my form API!

If anyone has better implementation ideas Iā€™d love to hear about it.

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Hi @t.mcgregor , I have been also working on the similar solution. Thought to reach out in case you get any progress in it. I am planning to use agents functionality for that but if you have any suggestions to add.