Fork the chat into a new chat window

Often while chatting with chatGPT, new topics or ideas come up that could be interesting yet we want to stay focused on the original topic! and so sometimes we want to explore more about those new topics/ideas in a different discussion to avoid mixing the conversations.
The way I understood how chat GPT works is that the more relevant the discussion is to the main topic the better, so new topics or ideas coming out from the original discussion should be “Forked” into another chat window to have more relevant discussion.

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This is already possible, with a little workaround:

When you get to the point where you want to fork the conversation you ask the model to create a summary of the previous conversation with a specific focus on how you arrived at the new idea. Make sure to be as specific as needed and that all important facts and details are included.
Then you copy and paste the summary into a new conversation.

In the original conversation you use the option to rewrite a request. So, instead of continuing with the original conversation you rewrite the request with the summary to follow up on what you want to focus on. Then you will have a new branch in the conversation, which is actually the main branch.

When you later return to the original conversation the UI will automatically load the main branch. The request to write the summary is still there but it will be hidden and outside the context window, so the conversation remains focused on what’s important to you.

I understand that your request is a quality of life improvement but maybe this can help you today until we get such a feature you requested.

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Thank you for your help :blush:
I will use this workaround going forward

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Hi, I’m looking for an update on this topic.

@astroveny - How has the workaround been serving you? If you’ve had some access, could you detail a general work flow that is working for you?

Have there been any new developments around a QOL feature for this since the last post?