Force assistant to answer with a single, one shot response

Is there any way to force chatgpt to answer the questions in a single answer?
For example, when calculations are required, too often chatgpt explains how will it calculate the results and then ask the user for time to do the process…
After some seconds you get another response with the final answer.
At the end you get a two parts response for a single question.
I would like to have the answer in a single response rather than this, it is not a problem to wait longer for the full answer.
Can this be achieved without asking for a rephrase?

I would think you should be able to prompt how you want it. Not sure how generic your assistant is ie how many different tasks or things you need it to do (Some with and some without details maybe) - but you should be able to add a section to your prompt about the type of calculations you want single answer for? "For all types of calculations provide only the final answer to do not provide any details of how you got to the answer unless asked specifically. "

Hi Jean Luc, thanks for your tip!
ChatGPT ignores this orders contemptuously.
If they were a human worker instead of an AI, the third time it disobeyed such a simple order, I would fire they outright.
In this case, not only would I not fire it, but I’m supposed to spend money on it learning such basic things as not shi**ing on his pants.

Why don’t you share a little bit more information so we can help you fix it?

Just helped with something equally ‘specific’ Have several mandatory parameters in its function - #13 by

What you are describing is a feature, not a bug. When calculations are required the model has been fine-tuned by OpenAI to write code to solve the problem. This is intentional, as the model itself is very bad at math.

I know the waiting can get annoying, but without it you’ll get wrong answers instead!

Hi Trenton, I get wrong answers anyway.
I have been able finally to force the assistant to answer in a single message ¡in most of the cases (would say 80%)

Thank you Jean Luc, my assistant is in Spanish I’m asking questions here in English just to ease communication. That’s one of the reasons I’m not sharing the prompt!