For the last 24 hours, GPT Chat 4 has been hanging and it has become impossible to work with it

For the last 24 hours, GPT Chat 4 has been hanging and it has become impossible to work with it. Doesn’t complete answers, freezes constantly. I stopped writing code altogether.

And this is on a paid subscription. Is this how it is for everyone? Nothing works for the whole day. And nothing gets better.

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Like this? Yup, me too.

But I was lucky that time. Most of the time it’s like this.

I`m with same issue too. When i try to regenarate it is stopping or freezing always in same piece.

Their system went down on their status page 2 nights ago. That’s when I first started experiencing problems. It said it was fixed the following morning but in actuality it has been having ongoing problems since then.

They say it’s resolved but apparently not for some.

Not even a partial outage for the last 3 days? That feels like a lie. Has barely been working for me for 36 hours.


Yeah same thing is happening here, it freeze on the same place every time no metter what i do:

Adjusting the HomeScreen Component

Here is an updated approach for creating the eventsData array:


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const HomeScreen: FC

Based on your log output, it appears that eventsData is including all state properties (isConnected, events, error), not just the event types and their respective data. This mix-up likely arises from how you’re transforming eventsState into eventsData.

Here’s how you can correct this:

Step 1: Correct Extraction of Event Types and Data

You need to ensure that you’re only transforming the part of the state that contains the event data into the format expected by ActiveCarousel. This means you should focus on the events object within eventsState:


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const HomeScreen: FC

Based on the log output, it seems there’s a misunderstanding about how the eventsState is structured. The log suggests that your current selector or the way you’re processing eventsState isn’t isolating the events object correctly, leading to inclusion of all properties (isConnected, events, error) as individual data items in eventsData.

To correct this, you need to modify how you extract and structure eventsData so it properly formats only the events from eventsState.

Correcting the Data Extraction in HomeScreen

Here’s how you should adjust the data extraction process to correctly filter and prepare eventsData for the ActiveCarousel:

  1. Ensure Correct Selector Usage: First, ensure your selectEventsState selector is returning the entire event-related state, not just the events property. If it only needs to return the events object, you might need to adjust it accordingly.
  2. Extract and Format the Event Data: You need to modify the way eventsData is formed to only include the event types and their respective lists of events.

Here’s the corrected implementation in the HomeScreen component:


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const HomeScreen: FC

I’m not a coder but use Chat gpt 4.0 for my work. It does nothing but time out. This for the last 10 hours.

Same here. I only use it for short passages. Check grammar and passive writing. But over the past few weeks Chat is so slow that it’s like an old flame. She once enjoyed my company but now she doesn’t reply to my texts or calls. Feels like Chat is ghosting me. Sad. We had a good thing for a while. At least I thought so.

I have the same annoying problem, I try to contact support, and they just say that the problem is with me, and I have already tested it on other desktops, other browsers, I even formatted my desktop and I still have the same problem.

On another account in 3.5 it works fine!

Has anyone found a solution?