For single-task instructions, is it better to place the task-related information in the "role=system" section of the chat completions, or to put it together with the user's actual input (role=user)?

I am currently performing tasks in bulk, and the task descriptions and input content are currently placed together. Now, I need to determine whether it is necessary to place the task description in the “role=system” section when calling chat completions. Please guide me.
I’m desperately seeking an answer.

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The System roll is typically sued to set the models persona and any primary tasks the model must perform as that persona, user rolls contain tasks to perform on specific data (usually supplied with that prompt) and a limited number of sub tasks, the assistant role is the reply from the model.

So, to your original query, experimentation would be the best thing, see which works best for you.

My experience has been it is better as one array of instructions: new question : mapped input:previous response

This is about all you can hope to give and get results 3.5 has issues with adding the previous response 4.0 likes it a lot

I abandoned the system and assistant role
Just use user in that format and it works
Can even use it into system and it works

It has everything to do with the order of the array and defining each one for input ie

Instructions : new user question is: …. : mapped input: Previous Response.

Tags the bot likes tags like the word “pretend” is like magic “Pretend to be:”.

thanks for you suggest, let me try。

thanks for you suggest, let me try。