For 3 days now ChatGPT 4 has been unusably slow

Using the app or the browser, the responses are taking over 30 seconds now, which makes this impossible to use. (I rely heavily on CHATGPT all day long.) Am I the only one? Is something going on?

Could it be that the conversation thread is really, really long? I have used the same thread for months.

I don’t know if it’s because your thread is long, but there have been a few others who’ve complained about it in the last couple of days.

You should probably start a new thread anyway. ChatGPT has a very limited context window, so it’s not going to be looking at everything that came before a certain cut-off point in the thread.

I have my own issues with ChatGPT right now, but the speeds have been really good for me. Sometimes different internet connections get different speeds. Even switching from data to broadband, or vise versa, can make a difference sometimes.

I’ve had the same issue for about a week now. Whether its a new conversation or an old one. Thread has nothing to do with it. I switched to classic for a few days which saw improved time at the cost of functionality, but even that started becoming unbearably slow today. I literally have to refresh the page to get the completed response.

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Yes many are experiencing the isssue. It only seems to effect th web ui, mobile is snappy

Hmm, well that doesn’t help much. At least not in my situation. I’ve begun looking for a better solution.