FIXED: Localhost plugin incompatible with active Zapier plugin

It looks like ChatGPT tries to make the request but no requests to localhost are initiated. Disabling the Zapier plugin solves this.

Has anyone else noticed this? It would be great to utilize the Zapier plugin in combination with many other plugins to prevent rebuilding functionality that already exists.

A workaround is using ngrok and pointing localhost to the TCP tunnel created.

I have been using ngrok and and https express server for all local development and it mimiks the real-world deployment situation really well.

Also for a user perspective if you target market is end-users having a plugin that relies in Zapier could maybe be a little confusing for users.

Let me know of that helps :slight_smile:

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@erikd234 Thanks for the workaround, but it won’t be required.

The issue seems to have been FIXED :blush: