First time building CustomGPT with API: Refuses to send exact query

Hi there,

I wonder if it’s possible to avoid this somehow?

I have actions set in my CustomGPT and an API that is supposed to answer a question containing a specific keyword (the answer is given in JSON format).

However, the server doesn’t receive the exact query; my CustomGPT omits the keyword. In other queries, it doesn’t drop other keywords and the API works well.

For example, the query is “recommend cars”, but CustomGPT only sends “cars” to the server.

Yet, with another query like “latest cars”, it sends the exact query “latest cars” and API works fine.

This is very annoying, and when I wrote a text instruction to send the exact query, it just stopped calling my API.

What do you think?

Specifically using the word verbatim in your instructions (i.e. “include the query verbatim” or however your instructions are phrased) can often help to overcome such challenges.

That’s huge! Made it work with such instruction - If user asks "some query" send the query verbatim to an API endpoint

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