Finetuning using CLI OpenAI==0.28.1

I am currently using OpenAI version 0.28.1 and trying finetuning davinci. After preparing the training data I used this command for finetuning openai api fine_tunes.create -t training_data.jsonl -m davinci.
This command encountered me the Error: Unknown request URL: POST /v1/fine-tunes. Please check the URL for typos, or see the docs at (HTTP status code: 404).

From the documentation I learned about new end point but I am wondering how can I fit the endpoint in my command.

You must use a model currently supported, not “davinci” which is a GPT-3 model that is shut off, and only models that use “fine-tuning” are supported ( the prior “fine-tunes” endpoint with a similar name is shut off also).

Confused about the names? The endpoint with “g” is “good” ==> fine-tuning.

Confused about the model to use? Currently, davinci-002 and babbage-002 are available as base models.

You will indeed find under the API reference only the new endpoint, and methods needing the library. If you are on a system that can’t migrate OpenAI Python library, you can make the API calls directly to the endpoint with an http library instead, following the “CURL” demo in the API reference.

It helps. Thanks for the reply.