Finetuning is not happening for the last one week

Not able to fine tune the davinci model. The client is disconnecting frequently. We are usig in our MVP, because of this behavior we could not able to proceed forther

Hi @admin15 ,

Fine tuning works fine from here.

Just tested it for you.



Thanks for your quick response, may I know which IDE you are using?.Thanks in adavance

What you see is my own app built using Rails.The app runs on localhost andimplements all the OpenAI API methods and a lot more (except editing images as I have not found a personal use case for it and no one has asked about it) and most parameters.

For building the app, the IDE is Visual Studio Code (VSC) and the API wrapper is the ruby-openaigem. The UI is mostly Bootstrap and jQuery Datatables.



Here are more details, @admin15

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, this is a very useful tool actually. I have one more doubt, In my prompt I would like to give the text beyond 2048 tokens, will there be any option to give such a long text as a prompt to model?.Thanks

Yes, the OpenAI API completion method has a max_tokens value, but keep in mind that the upper limit for this varies by OpenAI model.

The details are in the OpenAI API documentation.

Hope this help.


Okay, I will check that feature, thanks again for the response