Finetuning ChatGPT3.5 to understand the content of all URLs of my website

It is a simple thing, yet complex. Can I “teach” ChatGPT 3.5 the text content of all 10.000 pages on my company website URLs through fine tuning?

I want to broadly query it about the content, without having it traverse the page live. Some of the questions would require me to specify a very large number of URLs to read in order to answer.

Thanks for your help, I am simply a little confused if fine tuning is task specific or we can teach it content to use without it having to traverse a huge file and use endless amounts of tokens for each reply.

Fine-tune is not a term relevant to ChatGPT or GPTs within ChatGPT Plus at all. You get only the AI model provided.

What you’d likely want to do is provide an “action” that can interface with an API you create that exposes the page knowledge piecemeal or by search.

The AI is limited in how much text can be placed at once for it to understand.

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A better solution would be to generate embeddings for your website content and build a chatbot which performs semantic search over the content