Finetuned model from scratch in 1 hour flat with synthetic data

Sometimes people don’t believe me when I say how trivial this stuff is. Here’s my proof that it is fast and easy. This ultimately took about 3 hours but most of that was waiting. In terms of coding and testing it was less than an hour.

Code is here: GitHub - daveshap/OutlineGenerator: Finetuning project for GPT-3

Commits to see how long it took:


I did the finetune with DAVINCI as the base but I probably only needed CURIE, which is 10x cheaper.

All told this cost about $9 or so in DAVINCI calls and then $14.56 for the finetuned model. If I did CURIE instead, it would have been about $12 total.

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Great video, David. Thank you!

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I did a quick search for ‘Jenna’ and ‘Beach House’, and it looks like the model might have been obsessing over American Beach House (2015)? American Beach House (2015) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

No idea why it’d fixate on that.

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Very impressive! One can learn a lot just watching you.

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