Fine tuning the molecular answers with papers training

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I am new here. I am trying to use our paper data repository to train the bot to answer more topic-specific questions. I saw that it is impossible to load PDFs, but you need to do it with JSON. However, before I start this journey, which will take certainly weeks to optimize, I want to be sure that this is the right way to go.

I want to use the data repository of peer-reviewed papers so that allows me to fine-tune the IPA bot to give more insightful answers about how proteins interact with other proteins that are contained in the user question. Is that even possible?

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Hi @vladimir.a.gimenez.r

Welcome to the community.

It looks like embeddings will be a much better approach than fine-tuning for your use case.

A lot of projects have also been launched lately that enable question answering based on provided documents.

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