Fine-tune GPT model with a product catalogue

I need to fine-tune a Davinci model. I am trying to upload my product catalogue using prompts and completions, so that the chatbot using the GPT model can answer the customer queries about the products!

Let’s say, I am selling printed t-shirts, in different themes like anime, movie, abstract, and in different colors.

How do I upload my product list to the GPT model using prompts and completions? Can anyone give me an example or how to do it?

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What I would do is:

For each product (name + description) I would have GPT-4 generate a few questions… 5? 10? and then I would create the jsonl using these questions and answers. This is an option. NOT THE BEST.

My first choice would be to create embeddings with all my products. That is probably going to work better.

OK, I’ll try the embeddings and let you know how it goes. Thanks.

Any update on this ? Did you get results or find another solution ?