Fine tune a chatbot to provide answers specific dataset

I learned that embeddings match the requirements but in this video the author uses documents with the prompt. It’s 2 years old. Is it still working? I tried fine tune but the results are not so good, I didn’t tried embeddings yet.

Link: Fine Tuning a Chatbot to provide answers from a specific dataset - #8 by stevet

Fine tuning is not the correct method for using the AI with your own dataset, for that you should use Embeddings, you can find details here OpenAI Platform

and a video with an introduction here

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Thank you, I’m looking into it. What do you think of answering documents:

GitHub - dabblelab/gptanswers-node: Building a GPT-3 Knowledge Base App (NodeJS).

It’s 2 years old, is it still working?

It’s possible, but even 6 months in AI is a long time, 24 months will have old API calls with old methodologies and almost everything has since changed.

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