Finding the opposite of any given word

I was interested in training the engine to come up with opposites for words that humans can not find.

I used the following prompt and examples (Davinci-instruct-beta, response length is on 40 and a stop sequence on Enter)

Based on Wittgensteins theory of family resemblances, generate the word that is diametrically opposed to a certain word, and explain why.

a chandelier. a stalagmite. A chandelier is fire that hangs and a stalagmite is ice that rises.
to dance. to play music. To dance is to move to the rhythm of music and to play music is to make music audible.
a pill. a poison. A pill is firm and meant to heal and a poison is liquid or powder and meant to kill.
to find. to guess. To find is the result and to guess is to begin.

These are some of the results.

a rule. an exception. The rule is the way to play the game and the exception is an exception to the rule.
rain. a drought. Rain is a release from a cloud and a drought is a lack of rain.
a perfume. a decibel. A perfume is something that smells good and a decibel is sound that is too high.
lightning bolt. heavy snow. Lightning bolts are quick flashes of light that are forceful and heavy snow is the fluffy stuff that falls from the sky…
the rabbit. the porcupine. Rabbits are soft and pets while porcupines are any animal that has quills…
to hesitate. to persist. To hesitate is to stop and to persist is to keep going.

EDIT (this one was too beautiful!)
the werewolf. a peacock. The werewolf is a creature that is a mixture of a wolf and a human and a peacock is a bird that is found in India…

It’s a fun prompt to work with and an interesting way to rediscover language.
(Plus it feels like you’re dealing with a sphinx)


A human. a fish. A human is an animal that crawls on the ground and a fish is an animal that swims in water.

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Elegant and poetic, like a mathematical formula!

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“the mathematician is not a discoverer: he is an inventor” Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Mathematics
an inventor. a thief. An inventor is one that creates and a thief is one that takes.
@Romolo thank you for sharing your very creative idea

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@Datasculptor You’re welcome.

shared knowledge. ignorance. Shared knowledge is what is known to all and ignorance is what is not known by anyone.

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