Finally reached the usage cap for GPT-4

See my post on subscriptions. Private usage, other subscription models

Yes, I also hit the cap whilst developing GPT’s. I was also experiencing the cap using plugins. It’s really annoying. If AI is ment to multiply your capabilities, then it’s a bummer to be limited by an subscription fee without any other options.

BTW: my employer is an Enterprise subscriber. I have professional access to ChatGPT. But I don’t want to proces my personal queries over my employer’s infrastructure. From GDPR perspective my employer is not allowed to do so. My profession is privacy officer.

I’m happy to pay twice the fee for twice the capacity. Even three times the fee to triple the capacity. What can I say? It’s a simple flat type of subscription model with different limits. OpenAI has already the functionality. It only some configuration I assume and a sales page for different private subscription models. How hard could the implementation be? Increased revenue for OpenAI because I have seen equivalent requests many times.

And you know what OpenAI? Because my private ChatGPT learnings I’m now asked to assist with the development of a specific GPT for corporate usage. Which will again result into increasing revenues for OpenAI. What’s the problem OpenAI?

I’ve read somewhere a response of OpenAI: “There aren’t enough GPU’s/TPU’s in the world to fulfil API developers’ needs.” I can understand that, but from my perspective it’s only me, myself and I. We are limited in our resources to make extensive use of ChatGPT. It’s at any time only a single user. If this user is not walking the dog. Our GPU/TPU usage is limited.

I also experienced the cap whilst developing a GPT but I also still could use ChatGPT 4. There’s clearly a discrepancy between both services regarding limits.

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Yeah - that is new.

I knew what the usage cap was before, even intuitively, but now… I cant even predict it.
But it is certainly far short of what it was before.

I cant tell if its a combination of 24 usage and 3 hour usage, or if its just overall… what?
I dont know.
But your not crazy.

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Thanks for this.

I was searching for at least an hour know to get to the root of the cap problem I experience. I suspected that there is a different cap for GPTs, as have other users in other threads on this forum.

However, no one provided actual proof of this.

What makes me wonder though, is the fact that I solely used GPTs today and I was also capped for usual GPT-4. I was definitely capped at around 20-25 messages, so this number seems accurate. According to their logic though, I should still be able to use GPT-4 for either 40 messages, or 25.

So this does not seem to be true.
I assume this was an official reply from the OpenAI staff?

To avoid wasting time when I hit my usage cap, I switch to, though each interaction costs something.

Yesterday was worse I barely counted about 20 messages.