Few-Shot GPT3 on Conways Game of Life - binary sequences

Hi everyone, has anyone tried this? it seems like a realistic task for a language model. What about fine-tuning? Seems like it would be a cool project. I tried it and it says output may contain unsafe content…

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Sure no problem, It not a game though. It’s more of a simulation - defined as cellular automata. Given an nxn grid of cells each with two possible states (alive, dead), 4 simple rules found here Conway's Game of Life - Wikipedia , and a given start state; the grid world evolves over each time step in extraordinary ways. The grid world can be represented as a string of zeros and ones. 1 - alive, 0 - dead. epic conway's game of life - YouTube - video showing game of life. https://playgameoflife.com/ - test it out yourself. I tried it on GPT3, setting the temperature to 0 - making it deterministic. Just started but, no luck yet.


Interesting idea but I’m not sure it could work. Conway’s game works because it is strictly deterministic. I think even with low temp GPT-3 would get derailed fairly quickly.

I tried it out. Gave it the rules etc and whilst GPT seemed to get the gist of the game, it failed completely.