Feeding data to the API or having web access

I would like to allow the chat API to access to json data to analyze and use to give me an answer (Like the purchase history for my online store).
I know I can do it with plugins, but I will not be able to use it through the API.
Is there a way to use the web browsing capabilities with the API, or otherwise another solution I’m not thinking about.

you can just feed it json text, raw, it will deserialize it and read it just fine, to get web data to the api, simply perform a search on the web… maybe use CURL or some web function to retrieve page text and then parse and pass the text to the prompt.

Behind the curtain that is what Plugins are doing.

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Thanks, but I wanted it to actually make decisions and API calls (at least populating them) on it’s own.
It seems that I was only a couple of days away from the ability to add functions into the API version, which if I understand correctly brings a similar functionality of plugins to the API

Yes, indeed, seems like your use case requirements have been met by the new release.