[Feedback] Enabling ChatGPT's Voice Feature on the Web Platform

Hi there! I would like to give feedback about the Voice function. It is absolutely useful, and I wonder why it isn’t enabled on the web application. Sometimes, I’d like ChatGPT to read me a text I just wrote, or I’d like to converse by writing and have ChatGPT respond with voice. It would also be great to expand the voice feature to other languages, like French. This would be incredibly useful for language learning. You really should enable this function on the web application. Thank you so much!


I agree with Nostradam. The new TTS model sounds great. Adding the ability to convert text to speech and have ChatGPT read the responses aloud is a natural step forward. This feature will bring more people to ChatGPT because it’ll be a lot cheaper than using third-party tools like Eleven Labs to generate realistic TTS.

I agree, continuous voice listening with access to the Web would be invaluable :pray: