Feature Request - Single Chat Threads to Avoid Scrolling Up and for Keeping the information Organized


I hope that his message finds you well :slight_smile: I love Chat GPT and I feel that it would be cool to have the option of adding threads to a single chat.

I primarily use it as a Game Design mentor or to brainstorm ideas, but I’ve found that sometimes I need to briefly change the topic on the same chat as I need to be sure that chat GPT will know what I’m talking about without giving the same context of the previous N messages on a new chat.

An example of the feature would be as follows:

Let’s say that I have a chat called “top-down shooter game design”, and on the same one I want to have a main thread where I give context about it to chat GPT to later divide the same conversation into:
a) narrative
b) music composition
c) level design

The conversation would look like this:

Top-down Shooter Game Design

  • main thread (where I give information to it
    – narrative
    – music composition
    – level design

and perhaps add threads inside other threads. The purpose of this would be to keep each chat organized without creating multiple chats for the same stuff and to avoid scrolling up. Chat GPT could reuse the same information of a single chat for all the threads and thus help people organize everything as I feel that other people could find this helpful. Another example could look like:

Top-down Shooter Game Design

  • main thread (where I give information to it
    • narrative
      • character 1
      • character 2
      • character n
    • music composition
      • Instrument Palette
      • Character 1 Theme
      • Character N theme
    • level design

and so on. It could be used for any kind of chat that needs to handle different “tasks” on the same chat, not necessarily only for game design, as it was just an example.

Thank you so much for your time! :slight_smile: