Feature Request: Lorem Ipsum Endpoint or option for OpenAI Text Completion API

TL;DR: Implement an endpoint or an option that would return lorem ipsum instead of text generated by GPT, with the same parameters and response structure, to help developers test their applications quickly and inexpensively during development.

I am reaching out to suggest a feature that I believe would be very beneficial for developers who are working with the OpenAI Text Completion API. Currently, each request made to the API can be costly and slow, which can be a hindrance to the development process.

Therefore, I propose that OpenAI consider implementing an endpoint or an option in the current API calls that would accept the same parameters and respond with the same structure as the Text Completion API, but instead of generating text using GPT, it would simply return a lorem ipsum. This would allow developers to test their applications quickly and inexpensively, without incurring the cost and wait time associated with the Text Completion API.

I believe this feature would be of great value to the developer community, enabling us to test our applications more efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from the OpenAI community on how to address this issue if someone is already solving it in another way.

Couldn’t you just bypass the API call although during that type of testing and feed it whatever you want?

It seems weird to want to call an API to get junk data.

Just take any response you’ve ever gotten from the API and recycle it.

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This is a much better option! :grinning: Alternatively, there are already lorem ipsum apis available.

We’re building a tool that would address this (and other use cases), if you’re interested in testing send me a message

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How can you do this practically? The only solution I can think of is using a Postman Mockup server, which is cumbersome and impractical. That’s why I would prefer a lorem ipsum option.

Alternatively, there are already lorem ipsum apis available.

Yes, but not with the same input - output schema, that’s the point.