Feature Request: Folder-Based Organization for ChatGPT Conversations

Hey there! :blush: I’ve got a suggestion that I think could make our ChatGPT experience even cooler. How about we add a way to organize our chats into folders? Picture this: you can have folders like “Work Stuff,” “Learning Notes,” “Daily Chats,” and so on. This way, we can easily keep our chats tidy and find old conversations without a hassle.

Why it’s awesome:

  • :card_index_dividers: Super easy to find stuff: No more scrolling through endless chats to find what you’re looking for.
  • :art: Make it yours: Customize your folders any way you like!
  • :stopwatch: Saves time: Jump straight to the chat you need, right when you need it.

I think it’d be a game-changer for making our chat space more organized and personalized. What do you think?


+1 I think this folder based organization or another custom organization would be really good, now I spend a lot of time trying to find some conversations and for the business plan as well


Yes please implement native support for folders.

Although there is at least one Chrome browser extension that adds this feature, it doesn’t work if you are accessing ChatGPT from multiple different PCs.

It would be far better for OpenAI to implement this on the server side.


I totally agree. I signed up for the forum specifically to suggest this feature. An additional enhancement to your idea would be that for anyone who pays for Chat GPT4, if you have created your own unique custom GPT the the icon appears next to the search so you can see which on it relates to.



…if you have created your own unique custom GPT the the icon appears next to the search so you can see which on it relates to.

I think your suggestion of being able to identify the ‘parent’ custom GPT of a chat instance deserves its own ‘feature request’ in this forum.

Like you, I have also noticed there is no visibility of this ‘property’ of a chat instance in the default left-hand chat instance menu.

I am sure this ‘parent’ property exists within the chat instance in the backend.

So yes, based on this feature request and others like it, it seems people are seeking:

  1. A way to organise their chats (via folders or tags).

  2. A way to visually identify the ‘parent’ custom GPT of a chat instance.

  3. And perhaps even a way to ‘group’ chat instances by their ‘parent’ custom GPT as well.


Wholeheartedly agree, I already have more than 450 chats that I desperately need to sort in some hierarchical way. Trudging through them is already a massive pain, and it’s guaranteed to get worse.

If not a folder structure than at least a search feature , perhaps combined with tagging? Something similar to the Google Keep structure?

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I’ve just added an account here to support this idea. organizing chats within folders should be really easy to implement.


Hi, I am the developer of Easy Folders Chrome extension. With a recent update I pushed I have added support for creating & syncing folders that supports multiple ChatGPT accounts, and you can switch between accounts and have the correct folder structures load seamlessly.

It also supports creating folders for Claude!

Try for free:

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^ @peter.podwinski @DeBoX85


Do you any folder extension for MacBooks?

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yes the extension should work on Macs, you just need the Google Chrome browser to use the extension.

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Absolutely! Implementing a folder system would streamline the way we interact with ChatGPT. It’s all about efficiency and ease of use—being able to quickly access the exact conversation you need without having to sift through everything else not only saves time but also enhances the overall user experience. It’s a fantastic suggestion that would make our digital space a lot more organized and user-friendly. Let’s hope it gets implemented soon! (written with ChatGPT)



100%! Came here to this forum just to write this =D


+1 Would help to organise chats based on a project. And chats have own topics

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+1 Would be also great if we had a search bar to filter & navigate past conversations

I mainly use ChatGPT for productivity and to learn new skills. I really find it frustrating to scroll through my previous chats if I wanted to refer them. I would really like to organize my chats related to a specific topic into collections/folders.

Please add a simple search function and folders to organize. I already have hundreds of important conversations I need to go back to at times and it’s extremely frustrating to lose so much time looking for what I know is there.

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Yes!!! This feature would make it SO much easier to find chats you want to return to later. :pray: :pray: :pray: Please add it!

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+1 Came here for this feature request specifically. My biggest complaint about ChatGPT is not being able to find a prior chat easily. Folders and text search would be useful. I would add, that with the new ‘memory’ feature, it would be nice to silo that to a folder as well to prevent cross contamination of the context, say for various projects unrelated to each other (potentially within a custom GTP even, but that’s another topic)


Don’t we + investors pay enough money for Open(Closed)AI to implement such a basic feature? Or you are spending money for yachts and drugs instead?