Feature Request: Document Library Channels in ChatGpt

The ability to upload documents is a game changer, however these are short lived. I study a few different arcane subjects. What I would like is the ability to create document library channels. So one might be on french philosophy, another on steam tractors, another on whatever. I would be able to upload books, academic papers, and what not to these channels.

So obviously I would want a book on steam tractors to only go and be referenced in that channel, and not a generic document bin. These documents would persist for longer than the session, maybe in some kind of cloud bucket I pay a few extra bucks a month for.

The point is I could keep adding to the documents and query a very niche area of research, leading to myself publishing better academic papers on topics, because I can use chatgpt to tease out ideas and make cooralations I didn’t think of before. This could be very useful in so many areas of research and doesn’t seem like it’d be a heavy lift.

When I open a new chat I could have the option of opening a generic chatgpt chat, or one based off one of my document libraries.

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I just wanted to reply that I found out the WatsonX has this already built into their system. Its called Chat with your Documents, where you have can have different private or team collections you can upload and keep documents in, and query against those.

WatsonX only has 70B parameters and doesn’t come close to ChatGPT in accuracy and nuance. I already pay for ChatGPT 4, I’d be willing to pay an extra $5 or so a month for document storage because this feature would be so useful, especially when combined with a custom GPT

This seems like it’d be such an easy lift/extra revenue generator for OpenAI