Feature Request: Document Library Channels in ChatGpt

The ability to upload documents is a game changer, however these are short lived. I study a few different arcane subjects. What I would like is the ability to create document library channels. So one might be on french philosophy, another on steam tractors, another on whatever. I would be able to upload books, academic papers, and what not to these channels.

So obviously I would want a book on steam tractors to only go and be referenced in that channel, and not a generic document bin. These documents would persist for longer than the session, maybe in some kind of cloud bucket I pay a few extra bucks a month for.

The point is I could keep adding to the documents and query a very niche area of research, leading to myself publishing better academic papers on topics, because I can use chatgpt to tease out ideas and make cooralations I didn’t think of before. This could be very useful in so many areas of research and doesn’t seem like it’d be a heavy lift.

When I open a new chat I could have the option of opening a generic chatgpt chat, or one based off one of my document libraries.

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