Feature Request: Branch Chat Functionality for ChatGPT


Introduce a ‘Branch Chat’ feature in ChatGPT that allows users to create a new chat session from a selected point within an existing conversation. This new session would inherit the chat history up to the chosen message while allowing the original session to continue independently.


  1. Functionality:

• Users can select any message within a chat as a starting point for a new branch.

• Upon selection, a new chat window opens, inheriting all previous interactions up to and including the selected message.

• The original chat remains active and can be continued or returned to at any time.

  1. User Interface:

• Add a ‘Branch Chat’ button or icon next to each message.

• Clicking this button will prompt the user to confirm the creation of a new chat branch.

• Both the original and the branched chats should be easily accessible and distinguishable.

  1. Benefits:

• Enhances user experience by enabling exploration of multiple topics or questions without losing the context of the original conversation.

• Facilitates deeper and more organized discussions on different subtopics within a single overarching theme.

• Improves the efficiency of information retrieval and discussion management, especially in complex or long-standing conversations.

  1. Use Cases:

• Educational contexts where a student might want to explore various aspects of a topic separately.

• Research scenarios where different hypotheses or questions arise from a single point.

• Customer support situations where branching out to address multiple issues without cluttering a single thread could be beneficial.

This feature would significantly enrich the interactive capabilities of ChatGPT, making it a more versatile tool for users who engage in complex and multifaceted dialogues.

This version aims to clearly define the functionality, user interface, benefits, and potential use cases to better convey the request to the development team.