Feature Request: Add a Queue to Chat GPT

Hello everyone, I propose to add a “request queue” feature to Chat GPT.

Problem: My job involves needing to add 20-30 requests to Chat GPT per day. I add each new request as soon as the chat finishes the previous one according to my technical specifications. This is not very convenient.

Description of the “request queue” feature: The ability to add 20-30 requests to the chat at once, which it processes in order. As soon as it finishes the first request, it moves on to the second, then to the third, and so on, until it gets through the queue.

Why is this needed? It would help optimize work even more. There would be no need to constantly monitor the chat tab and wait for it to finish the previous question.

Like the idea? Write “+” in the comments, let’s see how many of us there are.