Feature Recommendation: User-Memory Consent Mechanism

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a dedicated user of ChatGPT for some time. Beyond my professional life as a Data Analyst aspiring to be a Product Manager, I’ve found a lot of benefit in this platform, especially during challenging times. Having Multiple Sclerosis sometimes impacts my ability to recall, making continuity in my interactions immensely beneficial. Today, I’d like to share an idea with you that stems from my personal experiences.

What if we could provide explicit consent for ChatGPT to remember specific aspects of our previous chats? Such a feature would make the tool even more instrumental, saving us the effort of re-establishing context every time we engage.

Key Benefits:
1. Personalized Interactions: Imagine jumping back into a conversation right where you left off.
2. Efficiency: Less repetition, more meaningful engagement.
3. Empathy: By remembering some details, the AI can offer a more compassionate user experience.

Of course, I realize the paramount importance of privacy. The feature should have clear opt-in and opt-out options, ensuring user data remains secure.

I’m not just advocating for this from a usability standpoint; I genuinely believe it could make a profound difference for individuals with conditions similar to mine.

Your feedback means a lot. Whether you have insights, alternate viewpoints, or reservations, I’m eager to hear them. If anyone has approached OpenAI with ideas before, sharing your experience would be invaluable.